Latinoware 2014

In October, Foz do Iguaçu will, once again, be the venue for the Latin American Open Source Software Conference – Latinoware 2014. Around 4000 people, among students, professionals and specialists from the area are expected for the eleventh edition of the event, to be held between October 15 and 17 at the premises of the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), located at Itaipu power plant.

Promoted by Itaipu Binacional, Foundation Itaipu Technological Park – Brazil, The State of Paraná Informatics Company (CELEPAR) and the Federal Data Processing Service (SERPRO), Latinoware is an event that opens up space for

Latinoware at a discount until August 2

The deadline for anyone interested in enrolling with a discount on the 10th Latin-American Free Software Conference (Latinoware) is on August 2. Registration, currently costing R$ 70, will move to R$ 90 for the period between August 3rd and September 22nd; and to R$ 110 from September 23rd and October 4th. Registration applications can be submitted via link

The conference, which already has more than 750 participants, will take place between October 16 and 18, at Itaipu Technological Park (PTI). 4.6 thousand participants are expected, a number similar to the one for the 2012 edition.

Groups coming in caravans have already

The call for lecture papers is already open

People wishing to present papers at Latinoware 2013 can send in their submissions by September 08. Presentations, delivered in lecture format, must address one of the macro topics of the 10th edition of event, which are:
– Big Data
– Mobility
– Cloud
– Virtualization
– Privacy
– Communities
– Security
– Geo-referencing
– Development
– Automation/robotics

The authors of the two standout papers selected by the Latinoware 2013 organizing committee will be sponsored in giving their papers, with costs for airfare, accommodation and meals during the event being covered. Only registered participants can submit papers. To register, visit website, and access link “Papers”. Submit yours!

Registrations for Latinoware 2013 are open!

Now, it’s official, the registrations for the the 10th edition of Latinoware are open! Until August 02, registrations cost R$ 70.00; from August 03 to September 22, cost moves to R$ 90.00; and from September 23 to October 24, to R$ 110.00. The deadline for online registrations is October 4th. After this, registrations will only be available on the days of the event. Don’t waste time, register today for Latinoware 2013 and enjoy the discount!

Free Licenses and Fundamental Rights in favor of free software

Free software can bring many benefits, both for individuals and for those who produce them. But does everyone know where and when to use them? At Latinoware 2012, the topic “Free Licenses and Fundamental Rights” will be addressed by Heitor Faria*, on October 19th.

 Author of “Free Licenses and Fundamental Rights” and “Bacula – Backup in Free Software”, at the conference Faria will address the social-legal benefits enabled by content or free software, focusing on the Fundamental Rights of society and bringing them to applications in social development. “Fundamental rights are those that every citizen needs

CISL, H2HC and Latinoware: sucessful partnerships

With the objective of bringing international speakers and, consequently, raise the level of quality for events, the organizing committees for Latinoware,Free Softeare International Conference (CISL Argentina) and the Hackers to Hacker Conference (H2HC) joined forces this year.

A result of this cooperation is, for instance, the coming of Ron Minnich, creator of LINUXBios, and Jon “Maddog” Hall, executive director of Linux International. Both will participate in Latinoware and CISL Argentina, which will be held in Buenos Aires, betweenOctober 15 and 19. “We feel this would benefit the audiences of the conferences and the speakers, since before

André Noel and the curious stories of 'Programmer’s Life'

Unusual situations of everyday life of a programmer are shown daily on site ‘Programmer’s Life’ by comic strips and a good dose of humor. On the 19th, at 10am, André Noel – author of the site – will share with the Latinoware audience his experiences and also show how to use free tools in production of content.

Lots of creativity, Inkscape and Gimp are enough for the work he does and that has followers all over the country “Everything is produced with free software. I did not have any difficulties because I already used them long

Frank Karlitschek, novelties in cloud computing and a surprise

The German, Frank Karlitschek, is known for being one of the major contributors in the free software world. Besides participating in initiatives such as the Open-PC and network, he is the founder of ownCloud Inc, a company that delivers services in the area of cloud computing.

At Latinoware 2012, he will introduce the main trends in the sector – on which he is considered one of the greatest international experts – and even promises a surprise. What will it be? Check out our full interview:

What a student or a young entrepreneur can expect from

The Espírito Livre (Free Spirit) magazine will present a success case and discuss regional OS meetings

Acknowledged as one of the most important publications in the area of free software, Revista Espírito Livre will be represented in Latinoware for the fourth time. Just like last year, the team will have a stand at the event, where participants can learn about the work donesince 2009.

Moreover, in his lecture, João Fernando Costa Junior, creator and maintainer of the magazine, will report on the case of success of publishing the magazine, as well as the tools used in production and the challenges of building a publication using only free software

Is your site prepared to handle a million users at the same time?

With the Internet’s growing popularity, the success of having a lot of hits or followers can become a big problem. That is what Fernando Ike, solution engineer at Exceed / Akamai, will talk about in his lecture “How to be prepared to handle a million concurrent users? ‘.

 According to Ike, “the overwhelming majority of websites on the internet are not prepared for rapid success. And because they are not prepared, the sites stop responding and bad reputation can ruin the deal even before it has a chance to consolidate. Being prepared